Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review: Fancl Sunguard Crystal Pearl SPF30 PA+++ (Limited Edition)


The Fancl Sunguard Crystal Pearl SPF30 PA+++ (Limited Edition) was part of the Perfect Whitening Kit, which Fancl sells once/twice a year. I like the Fancl Sunguard 30 (blue bottle), the original version that is usually sold in shops as it is rather light and non-sticky and non-greasy. I tend to not like my sunblocks in cream formulations as I think it is too thick for our humid weather. So I have a tendency to buy Japanese brand sunblocks as they are usually more watery.

This Crystal Pearl edition of the Sunguard has shimmer in it. This is supposed to help make your skin glow, however I find that the shimmers are visible if someone stands close to me so I find that I must follow up with some foundation. The shimmers make my face look oily if I do not follow with foundation.

On top of that, the sunblock leaves a whitish cast, so I usually become one shade fairer (or rather whiter), so I have to put on foundation so that I would not have a whitish face.

The texture of the Crystal Pearl Edition in seems thicker than the original Sunguard and a bit harder to spread across my face. I also find that putting on make up afterwards is also not as 'smooth' and harder to blend.

All in all, I prefer the original Fancl Sunguard 30 compared to the Crystal Pearl. The Perfect Whitening Kit is worth the price if you want to try the White Essence and White Clear Mask or even the Sunguard as it is cheaper compared to buying them separately.

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