Thursday, January 14, 2010

[Updated] Review: My Lancome Genifique Eye 7-day Trial - Did it work?

Product information:

See visibly younger skin and brighter eyes in just 7 days.
Génifique Eye has a unique gel-cream texture that leaves the eye contour velvety to the touch. Dark circles and signs of fatigue appear to diminish. The eye area appears fresher and luminous, as if infused with life.
The Lancome Genifique Eye Youth Activating Eye Concentrate has recently been launched in Singapore and I see it all over magazines claiming that people who tested this product saw effects in 7 days. Dark eye circles, fine lines and puffiness were significantly reduced after just 7 days!

And so I decided to give this product seven day trial to test its claims.

Some initial thoughts of this product: It has a smooth texture that is easy to spread across the skin around the eye area without any tugging of my skin. It is easily absorbed as well. But it contains quite a fair bit alcohol, as it stings my eyes and I have to close or squint so that it won't sting too badly. Also, I have a bit of sensitive skin, so after applying the Lancome Genifique Eye, my eye area turns a bit red due to the alcohol. The redness goes away after a while.

Sadly, the Lancome Genifique Eye did not work as well for me as I thought it would after all the media hype. There are fine lines that I was constantly monitoring to see if there would be any improvements but they are still there, but with some slight improvement. My dark eye circles did improve a bit but I cannot fully attribute it to this eye cream alone as I did sleep more regularly. I do not think this is a miracle product as some have claimed. I am in my 20s so I do not have much fine lines, only 2 under my left eye and so I might be passing this product to my mom to see if it works better for her.

But more importantly, the alcohol content in the Genifique Eye does bother me and I am afraid of the long term effects of this much alcohol at my eye area. Alcohol on my face skin is acceptable for me (I use Kose Sekkisei and Clinique Clarifying Lotion, both of which contain alcohol) but I do not like alcohol in eye care products. The alcohol content is so high that my eye area turns slightly red after usage, which is a strong indicator that my skin does not like it.

All in all, this is not a one-product-fits-all kind of eye cream. I have read raves from some people but the alcohol just didn't sit well with my skin. I would advise those with sensitive skin to get a sample of this product before buying a full retail size (I have found some Lancome counter assistants to be quite snobbish and impolite, especially at Isetan Scotts. The ones at Tangs are better though most will give a look when you ask for a sample. Just ask since your skin is more important!)

[Updates]: I have found a way to reduce the irritation caused by the high alcohol content. What I do is to halve the amount of the genifique eye cream that I usually use and pat it into my skin gently then follow up with another eye cream (I use Clinique Moisture Surge eye gel) over the genifique. This way, my skin doesn't get irritated and red because of the alcohol.

After using it for a month, I find that it is works well for my dark eye circles but not for my fine lines. I like that it absorbs nicely into my skin.

Price: Around S$93

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