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Review: Kose Sekkisei Lotion

I have used 2 bottles of the Kose Sekkisei Lotion, which isn't usual as I usually product hop and try other products after finishing one. So the Kose Sekkisei Lotion is one of the few products that I have re-purchased.

The Kose Sekkisei Lotion has been around since 1985 and still adored by many around the world. A product that can survive in the competitive cosmetics market, with plenty of other brands which reinvent their products and produce new products yearly, must be doing something right.

The Kose sekkisei lotion is not exactly the Western equivalent of a toner as it serves different functions as, perhaps, Clinique Clarifying Lotion, which completes your cleansing step and further exfoliates skin. The Sekkisei lotion is more of a pre-moisturising step, prepping your skin to receive the benefits of your serum and moisturiser. So the concentration of the Sekkisei lotion, I think, is not strong enough as a whitening serum which can effectively whiten your skin, but I think that it does improve skin texture and provide moisture.

I like it as a lotion mask, by soaking a pill mask in the lotion and using it as a mask. It moisturises really well and yet spares me from stickiness that sheet masks tend to have. The Kose website claims that using the lotion mask ups your moisture level 10 times higher. I'm not sure about the part on 10 times but it does do its job well.

The thing about Kose Sekkisei lotion is that it contains alcohol (second ingredient) and some people are concerned that alcohol will dry out the skin in the long run, yet the sekkisei lotion is purported to increase moisture. It's a bit contradictory in some sense, but I am not one that is averse to products containing alcohol, and I feel that the alcohol together with the use of cotton pad when using the product is helpful in lifting away some dead skin cells and any leftover dirt on the skin.

My verdict:
It is a very easily absorbed product, and after using 2 bottles of the Sekkisei Lotion, I have grown to like it as a mask as well. In terms of whitening, I think that using it as a mask has more whitening effects, but this lotion is more of a product that I use for moisture and the whitening is an added bonus. I also like that Kose Sekkisei line uses herbal ingredients as their whitening ingredients, a nice difference from the chemical alternatives in other brands. I can't say that this is my holy grail product as I will be moving onto SK-II Facial Treatment Essence but if I do end up wanting to return to the Kose Sekkisei Lotion then I will then say that it is indeed one of my favourite products. I am currently using the Kose Sekkisei Emulsion as well and sadly, I can't say that it's as good as the lotion. I guess that's why the lotion is so popular for so many years.

Rate: 4.5/5   Good product for moisture and whitening, great as a mask.

Price: Around $82 for 200ml, $121 for 360ml

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  1. Hi,im just wondering does products that contain alcohol causes breakout on some people. I purchased a big bottle of sekkisei lotion awhile back and i think it caused my face to have few pimples popping out after using it..sigh.. And i read that sekkisei lotion and skll treatment essence have quite similar effects. Either its suitable for you which make your skin glow and radiant, if not it will just cause the face to breakout. What is your view on this? :)

  2. Hi, Thanks for reading!

    Not all products with alcohol cause breakouts. From what I know alcohol doesn't really cause breakouts but it causes irritation for some sensitive skin. A lot of products for people with oily skin contain alcohol as it leaves a refreshing feel and helps clear away the oil (an example will be Clinique's Clarifying Lotion, their 2nd step toner which contains a lot of alcohol but doesn't cause breakouts).

    It might be certain ingredients in the product that might not suit your skin, or that your skin is adjusting itself to adapt to the product. I suggest giving the product a try again to see if the breakouts occur again.

    I have heard rave reviews of both SK-II facial treatment essence and Kose Sekkisei Lotion, as with all other products, it might suit someone's skin and give great results but not yours. So the most important thing is to go in search of products that will suit your skin the best to get radiant and glowing skin.

    Hope this helps!!

  3. Hi,thanks for your kind and informative response!! Shall give my kose a try again. Oh heard that Skll facial treatment mask is a real perk me up as well. Can give it a try. Will be back to get updates on ur blog. Keep more coming!!

  4. Hi, you're welcome! =) I have purchased a bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence to try. I want to finish using my Kose Sekkisei Lotion before I open my SK-II. I will update when I have tried it!

    I missed your earlier comment so I replied quite late, sorry about that! Please do leave a name so that i will know it's you, as every comment I get is anonymous. Thanks for dropping by again! =)

  5. Okie will leave my name...Thanks for replyin :)

  6. Hi Scarlett,

    Nice knowing you! Hope Kose Sekkisei works for your skin! =)

  7. hi,
    under my right lip has a blackhead.actually i dont know whether it is a mole or a blackhead.please help me im a 14 year old girl.i live in singapore.i hope that you would suggest me what type of eliminator i should use?

  8. Hi,

    I cannot judge without looking at the blackhead/mole. There are a few options you can consider.

    1. You can go for skin counselling at any Fancl outlets. They have a skin analysis machine that can see if it is a blackhead or not. They are usually very friendly and service at Fancl outlets is very good. It is free and you don't have to buy any Fancl products. The ones at the Takashimaya and Isetan Orchard (Wisma) are not bad.

    Read more here:

    2. You can also go for a facial and the facialist will be able to advise you.

    I do my facials at Fancl as well, but any other facial place should be able to extract it for you if it is a blackhead.

    3. If it is a mole and you would like to remove it, you have to go see a doctor - dermatologist or aesthetician. They usually remove it using a laser.

    I think the best option would be to go for skin analysis to determine if it is a blackhead. If it is, never try to remove it on your own as more often than not it will result in a scar. If you aggravate a blackhead, it might also become a pimple. You can go do a facial and they will extract it for you.

    Hope this helps! =)

  9. how to use it? is it used like a toner as in pour some on cotton pad and swipe it all over your face? thanks :)

  10. Hi!

    Yup. I pour onto a cotton pad and swipe all over my face. I then pat the leftovers at areas which need whitening, like my pimple scar.

    I also use it as a lotion mask. I buy pill masks from Kose/Sasa (sasa's pill mask is cheaper but of different material) and soak it with the Sekkisei Lotion then use it for 5-10 minutes. If you don't want to buy pill masks, you can also saturate your cotton pad with the lotion and try spreading it out to cover as much of your skin. This is more troublesome, so I usually buy pill masks.

    Hope this helps! Thanks for reading!=)

  11. Agreed. Recently I've just used the lotion & the emulsion. It works wonder in my face. My complexion gets better and true enough it hyrdrates my skin and I don't feel the dryness especially after the swim.

  12. Hi, the chlorine in the swimming pools are quite harsh on one's skin and hair. I'm glad the products worked for your skin! Do use a waterproof sunblock when swimming as well =)

  13. Is it suitable for 20 years old?

  14. Hi, yes. I started using Kose Sekkisei Lotion when I was 21 years old. =)

  15. hi there!

    i keep thinking this product serves as a moisturiser as its lotion!

    so i am wondering which moisturiser you recommend? cos i have combination skin. =)

    btw, how much you bought the kose lotion?


  16. Hi Angie!

    Kose sekkisei is insufficient as a moisturiser, do follow up with one.

    I have combination skin as well. What I do is I first apply moisturiser on my cheeks and use the remaining on the rest of the face so that there is more moisturiser on my cheeks than t zone. I find that by doing this most moisturisers suit me well. I like Clinique's dramatically different moisturising lotion/gel(the yellow one)depending on your skin type.

    I can't remember how much my sekkisei lotion costs, different sizes have different price. =)

  17. Have u used Kose Seikisho Mask White before?
    I have never used it but one of my friend recommend to use.
    I want to know your advice. thanks

  18. Hello!

    I wrote a review here:

    Hope this helps! =)

  19. hi,
    I've suffer from acne skin when i'm still a teen, and i've try plenty of skincare products on my face, but things never turn out to be better until i use clinique @ anti -blemish solutions set, but my friend had recommend me about kose product. I'm afraid it dose not suit my skin. what do u think? and is make up remover a must for my skin?

  20. Hi, do you still have acne problems? if you do, perhaps you might want to continue your anti-blemish clinique products before trying kose. Kose Sekkisei is for whitening, and if your skin requires anti-acne products then you should use what your skin requires. =)

    Make up remover is a must whenever you use sunblock and make up. If you do not remove your sunblock and makeup thoroughly, it might also contribute to your acne.

  21. A lot of thanks for the informative review. I must buy this lotion for my own use because its looking very natural...
    Skin Care Products

  22. Hi skincare-holic.

    I know its not very appropriate to ask this on your blog! I have 3 Bottles of Kose Sekkisei Lotion 100ml each selling at $25 per bottle. The expiry date is Apr2017. If interested, please send an email to

    Ps. Feel free to take down this comment if you feel that its inappropriate!
    Sorry and Thanks alot!!


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