Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Experience: Dr Georgia Lee IPL session

In my previous blog post, I wrote about consultation and skincare products of Dr Georgia Lee. As I mentioned, I did an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) session with her and it cost me $300.

I felt that details of the IPL was not given to me. She seemed to be in a rush, so I only know that IPL can lighten the redness of pimple scars. The rest of the details I read it from an information leaflet that is available at Dr Georgia Lee's clinic. So I did not know how long I would see the effects nor how long the effects would last. Despite that, she was quite a friendly and chatty person as mentioned by many others online.

I was told that IPL would feel like rubber bands snapping at my skin but honestly I do not know what that feels like. So to me the IPL session felt like pulses of electric shock. I also made a mistake of opening my eyes during one of the pulses and it was really a blinding light. I felt an eye ache for the rest of the day.

After the IPL and for two days after the session, my skin felt very dry so I felt the need to put on more moisturiser. I am not sure if it is a normal reaction. I saw that the redness of my pimple scars were definitely reduced. This makes me happy as I am quite fair and any redness on my face shows up very obviously.

Also, during the session when I told her it was painful, she didn't stop although I was like cringing my toes and everything. As it was my first time, I was a bit nervous and frightened. However, now that I have been through it once, I think that it is an okay experience after the initial shock. Subsequent sessions should be better for me. However, she did recommend me to do Mosaic and subscision for the two deep scars I have. (A bit of background to my skin, I have two icepick scars which were caused by me using the needle to poke out two hard 'things' that I had when I was really young. On reflection those were probably clogged pores. But as I was too young to know what it was and I took a needle to try to get it out, resulting in today's scars).

Overall, she is a friendly doctor who is open to a chat but has too little time to stay in one room with one patient for too long. She tends to zoom to another room while you wait in preparation for IPL and once she is done she zooms off. I had a few more questions I wanted to ask but she had left too quickly before I could finish saying 'Excuse me'.

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  1. Hi did you continue your treatment with dr geogia lee? as i am interested in booking an appointment with her for some treatment on my face.

  2. Hi, i did not as it was difficult to make appointment.


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