Friday, January 8, 2010

Review: The Face Shop Raspberry Slim & Lift Collagen Eye Patch

The Face Shop Raspberry Slim & Lift Collagen Eye Patch is the newer version of the Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch that has a red packaging. As to whether the two versions are different, I cannot judge as I did not use the previous version so I have no basis for comparison. The sales assistant at The Face Shop said that they changed packaging but did not elaborate on whether it is the same contents.

The older version of the Collagen Eye Patch won a Cleo Beauty Award quite a long while ago and I had been wanting to try this eye patch but wasn't very willing to pay for the heavily jacked up prices of The Face Shop products here in Singapore. So when skincare-holic's mom was visiting Korea, I asked her to bring some back for me.

This Raspberry Slim & Lift Collagen Eye Patch is for moisturising and firming the eye area. The eye patch has a jelly like texture that is held in place by a netting. Because of this texture, the eye patch adheres very well to the skin below the eye area.

I like that this eye patch adheres well as other eye patches that are made from cotton material do not fit very nicely due to the contours of the eye areas due to eye bags. But one thing about The Face Shop eye patch is that it slides downwards while using it (I do not use this lying down as I tend to do things on the computer while masking). So I have to adjust the eye patch once in a while if it slides downwards.

Effects-wise, this eye patch is quite good as my fine lines were softened and slightly plumped up after using the mask for 30mins as the instructions stated. This is due to the moisturising factor of the mask. I like that it moisturised my eye area as the mask description claimed. However, the mask claimed to have lifting properties as well, but I did not see any lifting effects.

In addition, there is no sticky after-feel when I remove the eye patch and there is no need massage in any excess essence as with other masks/eye patch as everything has been absorbed by the skin already. 

Overall, this is a good eye patch and its performance exceeds most eye patches I have used before. I think that The face shop in Singapore sells this at $9.90 for 2 pairs (if I'm not wrong), which is a bit expensive. It would be nice if it wasn't so expensive here.

Rate: 4/5


  1. I love this product too.. it really is very good..
    But in Singapore its selling at $9.90? WOW that really is very expensive for me..

    In Korea, they are selling one big packet of this product at 34,000won if I'm not wrong..

  2. Hi, yup no idea why they mark up the price so much here. It is slightly cheaper in Malaysia, so I sometimes stock up if I go on a short trip. =)

  3. Hi, I have a silly question here. May I know which side of the eye patch do we apply to the eye? The jelly side or the netting side?

  4. Hi!

    It's not a silly question =) I got a few "how to use" questions before especially for this mask.

    The jelly contains all the essence and should be applied to the skin. After applying the jelly side to the skin for about 30 mins, you should feel that it is thinner than before. This means the essence has been absorbed into your skin.

    Hope this helps! =)

  5. Thanks alot! I bought the masks from Korea, hence all the instructions are in Korean.

    The way they are packed also does not give any clue as to which side to apply.

    This really helps...

  6. i just bought them from the face shop around my house for $3.00 for 2...where do u live?

  7. Did they adjust the price? I must go check again. The last I checked, the lady at Wisma told me $9.90.

    If the price dropped to $3 then it'll be great to get more pairs! =)

    Thanks for the info! =D

  8. Hi Jo Fong, if you look from the top down, you can see one side is the netting, one side is the jelly.

  9. but i think i can't see which side is netting and which side is jelly cos both sides are so slimy !! how ??? anyone who can enlighten this sua gu me ? thanks !!

  10. On the package it said take off clear film, so the side with the clear film goes on ur eye, and the white side should be seen once you put it on. then you take that white side off when it's on your eye.


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