Friday, January 15, 2010

My Experience: Dr Georgia Lee Skincare & Consultation

Having tried many brands of skincare in the market and not getting results for damage that was done to my skin in my younger days - scars, I decided to consult Dr Georgia Lee. And so I continue on my quest for porcelain clear skin in the form of cosmetic procedures (Aesthetics).

I tried to find more information online about her line of skincare products but I couldn't find any detailed reviews so I have decided that after finishing my La Mer I would move onto Dr Georgia Lee skincare line and provide my readers with reviews.

I booked my appointment at TLC Lifestyle Practice (Dr Georgia Lee's clinic) and after a month's wait, I found my appointment cancelled just the day before my appointment. I was very disappointed but decided to go ahead and book another one. After another month, I finally saw her a few days ago and decided to blog about my experience. Consultation fee was $50.

She recommended some lasers to me for my scars - mosaic and subcision. But as there is some downtime for the lasers, I decided to do Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for the day. This helped to reduce redness from the pimple marks I had due to some pimples.

However, as skincare is the focus of my blog, I shall do a more detailed write up on Dr Georgia Lee's recommendation. She asked what skincare products I am currently using and I listed it for her.

According to her, Cleansing Oils contain emulsifiers for the oil to turn milky and for it to be easily washed off and emulsifiers can cause breakouts. So she prescribed me the Dr Georgia Lee brand skincare Cleanser for sensitive skin to remove makeup as I have slight sensitive skin.

She also recommended me to not use La Mer Creme de La Mer as it is quite rich and usually more for mature skin. So she gave me a few choices of moisturisers from her skincare line - DrGeorgiaLeeDrGeorgiaLee Moisturizer - Light, and another Hyaluronic based moisturiser which does not come under her brand and was in a clear bottle. Moisturiser - all skin type,

She told me that all three moisturisers were manufactured by different companies as different companies have different specialities. DrGeorgiaLee Moisturiser - all skin type was from one that specialised in high quality Vitamin C. DrGeorgiaLee Moisturizer - Light was manufactured by a company specialising in light and easily absorbed lotions, and the last one was one famous for its hyaluronic acid.

Her recommendation for me was the all skin type as it contains Vit C, which would be beneficial for my redness. It didn't come cheap at all at $168.

I will be doing reviews on the DrGeorgiaLee skincare line once I have used it sufficiently long enough to do a proper review, and I am optimistic since she seems to ensure the highest quality ingredients.

On top of the products that were recommended to me, I am also very keen to try out her antiaging sun protection. Product Information
Contains gingko biloba leaf extract, antiaging factors and amino acids which helps to hydrate and repair the skin while providing protection against UV rays. This sun protection formulation is great for both face and body.

Sun Protection is a very important anti-aging step and the DrGeorgiaLee sun protection contains added anti-aging benefits that would complement the sunblock and I think it is worth a try.

The DrGeorgiaLee sunblock powder SPF20 has a very smooth texture and is comfortable on the skin. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin and is good for touch ups during the day especially if you are under the sun a lot. I tried this at the Centrepoint Robinsons where Dr Georgia Lee set up a counter and the powder is silky smooth. This is another product I would like to get my hands on.

Also, DrGeorgiaLee Skin Repair Serum which contains live plant stem cells nourish, repair and stimulate the renewal of skin cells so that it appears smoother and more radiant. It also helps heal sensitive skin and help heal pimples. This sounds like an exciting product and I have heard good things about this product. It is $78 for 10ml, which is a bit expensive, but all her products are generally priced on the higher end. I tried this product at the counter in Centrepoint Robinsons and found that its very watery and easily absorbed. This is something I plan to purchase

I would ask for her recommendation of a skincare regime made fully of her brand of products the next time I see her in February. 

Dr Georgia Lee Skincare can be purchased at her clinic, at Centrepoint Robinsons and at her online store (this is the most expensive option due to the $15 shipping fee, I would prefer to buy over the counter or at the clinic - prices at these two locations are the same after the addition of 7%GST)

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  1. Hi! Would love to hear about your experience with Dr Georgia Lee's products and treatments. Do update :)


  2. Hi Ally, yes I will update. I am now waiting to see her for my next appointment. It is quite hard to schedule an appointment with her. Do go for a consultation if you are interested. =)

  3. i went online to check the skin repair serum its $78 for 5mls?

  4. From what I know, it is $78 for 5mlx2 bottles. I may be wrong, best to check with the store at Robinsons centrepoint or her clinic.

  5. Hi there! i love ur blog! r u still seeing Dr Lee? I read from your other post that you would be seeing Dr Yeak for chemical peel. I am contemplating to make an appointment with her.
    I have oily skin with occasional outbreaks, blackheads, enlarged pores n scars, etc...What do you think of Dr Lee's products? R they worth the investment? they r quite ex. :)


  6. Hi Vicky,

    I stopped going to Dr georgia lee. It is easier to make appointment with Dr Yeak.

    I think DrGL products are expensive too. I did not repurchase.

    Hope this helps! Email me if u want more info =)

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    Great Information
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