Friday, January 22, 2010

Review: Niu Er BeautyDIY Job's Tear & Licorice Water Brightening Treatment 薏仁甘草美白化妝水

The Niu Er BeautyDIY Job's Tear & Licorice Water Brightening Treatment 薏仁甘草美白化妝水 is one of the consistent best selling products from BeautyDIY. I heard of people raving this product so I decided to purchase this product a while back just to see what the hype was about.

Product Information:
This product contains Job's Tear and licorice extracts both of which are known for their whitening properties. Licorice also has a soothing effect on skin. This lotion also has some moisturising properties and claims to be able to revive tired skin and make it more radiant. Consistent use can help whiten and brighten skin and also allows for skincare products used after this lotion to absorb better.

My review:

I think one thing that characterises BeautyDIY products is that they usually do not contain long lists of chemicals as you would find in BioBeauty products, both skincare lines of Niu Er. So this Job's Tear & Licorice Water Brightening Treatment is not a complicated product without a long list of ingredients. But the most important question is whether it works?

I am not impressed by the Job's Tear & Licorice Water Brightening Treatment. I find that it did not have much whitening effects on my skin even after finishing the bottle. I not only use it as a lotion but also as a lotion mask. I saturate my pill mask with this product and the BeautyDIY Herbal Whitening Complex N. This makes a wonderfully light water-based mask, which did not leave any stickiness behind, and made my skin saturated with moisture.

So the pill mask method is the only way I enjoyed this product and also made my usage quicker than the daily swipe with a cotton wool saturated with the product. Using it as a lotion mask also helps to concentrate a higher amount of the product into my skin. And since it is water based, it did not cause any breakouts. In fact, this is one of the recommended usage of the BeautyDIY Herbal Whitening Complex N.

That said, although I enjoyed the lotion mask because it did not cause stickiness yet moisturised my skin, the main property of this product is a whitening/brightening treatment. I did not experience whitening effects, which was a disappointment since it is their best selling product. Their Job's Tear & Licorice Maximum UV Liquid SPF50/PA+++ from the same range was a disappointment as well.

If you would like a good whitening lotion, Kose Sekkisei Lotion would be a much better (although more expensive) alternative.

Price: NT199. (I bought mine from a spree. Kindly note that I do not conduct sprees. I only review products.)

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