Sunday, November 22, 2009

Review: Niu Er Beauty DIY Job's Tear & Licorice Maximum UV Liquid

 BeautyDIY Job's Tear & Licorice Maximum UV Liquid SPF50/PA+++

Review: The harmful effects of the sun are numerous and instead of trying to reverse the effects of the sun when the harm is done, the best thing we can do is engage in preventive measures. Sunblock is a good investment as part of any good skincare regime.

Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Octyl Methocinnamate - This sunblock has both physical and chemical sunblocks components which is a good thing. Other beneficial ingredients include Vitamin C derivatives for whitening, Job's Tear and Licorice Extracts to soothe skin and even out skintone, Cucumber Extract for soothing skin and Vitamin E for extra anti-oxidant protection

Texture: Although it's called UV Liquid, the Job's Tear sunblock is more like a cream-liquid consistency, I would say more towards a cream. Comparing this to Avene Very High Protection Emulsion, it is almost the same consistency. It is definitely thicker than most Japanese sunblocks, like Fancl, Shiseido Anessa and even Biore.

Effects: This Job's Tear sunblock is not easy to spread evenly across the face and looks uneven. It takes a long time to blend and it sometimes 'balls' up after interacting with other skincare products so it is advisable to use lesser skincare steps when using this product. However, being someone who enjoys my skincare steps, I would prefer suncreens that can work without these balling up effects. It makes my face look like it is shedding skin.

One good thing is that it does not make my face feel heavy and sticky, which sometimes occurs with cream sunblocks.

That said, I will not repurchase this sunblock as it does not perform well against other more liquid suncreens like my Fancl Sunguard SPF30/PA+++. However, it now makes a good arm sunblock for me whenever I go out into the sun, and as a stay-at-home sunblock, where no one else can see the unevenness of the application.

Price: $18.90, spree price. I think the Biore UV Bright Face Milk SPF50+/PA+++ (pink bottle) is better and cheaper. Blends better and no balling, but contains alcohol.

Rate: 2.5/5   There are other better sunblocks out there.

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