Monday, November 30, 2009

Review: Biore UV Bright Face Milk

Superior lightweight UV block for face, Radiant Effect. Provides SPF50+/ PA+++ UV protection. It has an ultra light and non-sticky texture. Also an ideal makeup base, it contains ultra fine light correction powder to cover pores, correct skin dullness and brighten skin tone to give you that radiant look!
 The Biore UV Bright Face Milk is true to its description on the Kao website. It is really light and non-sticky. The Biore UV Bright Face Milk comes out as a pink liquid, so it evens out my skin tone nicely and really does give a radiant look with a pinkish tinge on the skin. It is not overly pinkish so it is natural, which I think is good. I usually follow this with a foundation but I prefer the Shu Uemura UV Under Base Fluid SPF20/PA++ as a proper make up base (also pink in colour). The high SPF is another bonus for me!

Because there is a need to shake the bottle before use, these kinds of sunblocks are usually oil on water suspensions, so the Biore UV Bright Face Milk is a little oily and shiny on my face, but after a few minutes while the sunblock settles onto my skin, it becomes matte, and it stays matte even after a few hours, so quite good oil control.

The Biore UV Bright Face Milk contains alcohol, so those who are aversive towards alcohol in their skincare might want to take note. For me, I think that it is the alcohol that helps the Biore UV Bright Face Milk settle into my skin as it evaporates to turn from oily to matte. And in general I am okay with products with alcohol, so this doesn't bother me much.

Another thing I like is that the light texture of the Biore UV Bright Face Milk is even lighter than the Fancl Sunguard 30 and also much cheaper at about $11.20, and it can be cheaper depending on whether there is a discount at Watsons.

Some people have complained of this sunblock being drying. I don't use this sunblock on a daily basis, I use this when I go out for a short while and will not be wearing any make up. So I don't have much comments on it being drying. However, I do find that wearing this sunblock for too many hours (without makeup on top) will make my face feel uncomfortable, and will make me feel like wanting to wash my face quickly.

Overall, I like this sunblock for it's light liquid texture, and being able to add some radiance to my skin when I do not intend to wear make up. It is also cheap and affordable for those who put on layers of sunblock for maximum protection and assurance

Rate: 4/5

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