Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Review: Fancl Skin Renewal Pack

SKIN RENEWAL PACK is a rinse-off gel mask that removes dead skin cells and accelerates cell regeneration.
Fresh Royal Jelly Essence supplies Vitamins and Minerals and Amino Acid to soften skin for a more youthful-looking,
luminous complexion.

Regular usage promotes optimum absorption of skincare and helps makeup last longer.
 My Review:

I really like Fancl's philosophy of preservative-free products and I drink Tense-up EX on a regular basis. I also adore the mild cleansing oil and washing powder and have been using these two products for the past two years. I have tried Fancl's basic skincare line but have not been impressed. During the skin counselling session that I went for earlier, the BA recommended this Skin Renewal Pack to improve skin dullness and to replace my scrub as she said that scrubs with beads are not good for our skin texture, among the tips she taught me on how to improve skin texture was for me to use Skin Renewal Pack on alternate days to replace scrubbing. She also demonstrated how after using the Skin Renewal Pack on the face for a few minutes, our skincare products would be absorbed better and faster. She put Skin Renewal Pack on one hand then pur products on both hands for me to compare. And surprisingly, there was better absorption!

I purchased a tube and started using it, however I find that after using the Skin Renewal Pack my skin did not have any dramatic difference. It merely felt like I put a gel on my face then rinsed it off. I read some people saying that their skin became very supple, but the Skin Renewal Pack is a product to remove dead skin cells in a very gentle manner, so I didnt see how their skin could see results so quickly. So I continued using this Skin Renewal Pack but sadly, for me it didnt give me much results. Especially since I enjoy my toner, lotion, serums, moisturiser and night sleeping mask routine, aster so many products, there is a limit to the amount of 'quickness' the product got absorbed. I wanted a mask with quick results. This is more of a slow accumulative product where there will be some gradual results with long term use. I kind of still prefer using a normal scrub as I got a clean feeling instead of just gel.

But one good thing I like is the ingredient, royal jelly. All products with good and beneficial ingredients catch my eye and it is a good touch to add royal jelly for softening skin and with some anti-aging benefits as well.

The price is $29.50 for 25g and it gets used up quite fast as I was recommended to use it every alternate day. So it is a bit on the expensive side for a small tube that won't last very long.

Rate: 3/5

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