Monday, November 9, 2009

Review: Fancl Skin Counselling

The new Fancl outlet at Takashimaya boosts an expanded Fancl outlet, which offers skin counselling and some taka exclusive items!
Skin counselling session at Taka:
I went for the comprehensive 20min skin counselling session, which is complementary.
The Beauty Advisor used a machine to analyse my skin, at the same time teaching me what healthy skin is supposed to be like using pictures to supplement what she was saying. Overall very clear in telling me what I should do and what products I should use to improve my skin.

She also used another machine which can tell you your 'skin age'. It tells you your skin's clarity, pore condition, wrinkles and pigmentation. I was really worried my skin will be older than my real age but thank goodness it was younger!! But I found out that my pore size and undereye wrinkles were not ideal and contributed to my older age (that was computed by the machine). So I bought the pore essence to try out, and the hyaluronic acid to improve my skin texture. I will review these products in a while.
One thing bad was the Beauty Advisor did tell me have oily skin around my nose area as it was shiny and did not have texture, but when I subsequently went for a quick analysis before my fancl facial at Isetan Orchard, I had blot the oil off my nose and realised that there are 'triangles' (which are indicators of healthy skin) around my oily areas, which were not previously reflected. So I had thought that my skin wasn't as good around those areas, which was why I bought the Hyaluronic Acid Premium supplement.

I think that the session is beneficial in learning more about healthy skin. I think I learnt more skincare knowledge as well. I will be going for the personalised skin counselling session ($10-points) next week, it's a more detailed session compared to the 20min one.

I will probably go for the personalised 1-hour session once and learn more in-depth stuff about my skin and subsequently when I want to analyse my skin condition I will go for the 20 min one. I will update my Personalised skin counselling session soon!
UPDATE: Personalised skin counselling uses a machine to measure your pore, texture, clarity, firmness. It also measures collagen level in your skin, and showed that I didnt take my Tenseup EX for nothing as my collagen level was higher than normal. Unlike the comprehensive skin counselling, this requires removal of makeup and cleansing the skin, which I find troublesome as the sink was so small. It also does not calculate skin age. I think I prefer comprehensive skin counselling, as the same Beauty Advisor did both skin counselling with me, I didnt learn much more and she was in a chatty mode, telling me about her friends' and families' skin experiences. So, I say go for the comprehensive skin counselling. =)

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  1. Hi I came across ur blog while searching for reviews on fancl and I'm interested to try the skin counselling but do I need to make an appointment first or do I just drop by any fancl counter?and will I be charged for it?thank u.ur blog is really helpful!=)

  2. Hi, there are three types of skin counselling services. Only the 1hr one is chargeable using the Fancl dollar points (the rebates in the member card). The other 2 are free.

    Do make an appointment if you want to go for the comprehensive or personalised one (20mins and 1hour). You can walk in for the Express one but it is not as detailed. Hope this helps! =)


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