Monday, November 9, 2009

Review: Fancl Pore Essence

Fancl Pore Essence Review:

As mentioned earlier, I bought this product along with the Sebum Care Pack during an earlier promotion.

Specially formulated for those with open pores and oilness on face, PORE ESSENCE offers pore refining properties and prevent blackheads.It moisturises skin to restore skin plumpness and maintain softness of horny layer. While Clear Veil Formula acts to conceal pores and absorb excess sebum to keep skin matte and feeling fresh.

I think that this product does help reduce pore size, however the effects are not long lasting. I find that after applying this product, my pores are smaller and look matte. However, the next morning, my face is still as only and I still have as many blackheads. It doesn't help control oil as the Beauty Advisor said.
The product is good to use in the morning before makeup when you want to have smaller pores as the Clear Veil Formula is said to conceal pores. However, with regards to reduction in pore size, the effects are not as good and not long lasting.

Price: $25 (8g)

Rate: 3/5

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