Monday, November 9, 2009

Review: Fancl Hyaluronic Premium + Skin Counselling

Fancl Hyaluronic Premium Review
Hyaluronis Premium is a premium moisture supplement which boosts the skin's Hyaluronic Acid levels that naturally decline with age. Containing 120mg of highly effective low molecular Hyaluronic Acid, it helps prevent dryness and provides moisture for supple, healthy skin.
Other active ingredients Longan Fruit Extract promotes production of Hyaluronic Acid and Lychee Seed Extract blocks the enzymes which causes breakdown of Hyaluronic Acid. While Ceramide strengthen barrier functions to prevent moisture loss in skin.
My Review:
After going through skin counselling (i went for the comprehensive skin counselling -free 20min) and I saw that my skin was not healthy as it should be - the 'triangles' are not that obvious, which meant my skin texture was not very good. So I thought I want to start on some hyaluronic acid. It's a very popular skincare ingredient which is able to attract water to plump up the skin. So I thought that taking it as a supplement would do me good too.

I have finished 2 boxes of Fancl Hyaluronic premium. After I finished one box and I went for my regular monthly Fancl facial, the beauty advisor kindly analysed my skin before the facial and was surprised to find that my skin condition is actually quite good, even at the nose area, which normally do not have nice 'triangles' which are indicators of good skin texture.
I told her I was taking Hyaluronic supplement and she was like "oh, no wonder". She sounded like she wanted to go get a box to try it out for herself. Ha!
Anyway I went back to get a second box, and after the second month, I have to say that there are no longer any significant improvement in my skin. But I must say that I now have healthy skin texture with 'triangles' when analysed using the Fancl skinanalysis machine.

I think that I might change to Aqua Moist instead for maintenance - it is what the beauty advisor advised me to do, and it is a more economical method as well.
What I would recommend is to go for skin counselling, try the Fancl Hyaluronic Premium for 1-3 months then switch to Aqua Moist for maintenance.

Price: $120 (30sticks - 6tablets in each stick)
Rate: 4/5 It's a wonderful product for improving skin texture and for anti-aging but quite expensive.

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