Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review: DHC Mild Soap Compared to Fancl Washing Powder

DHC has been launched in Watsons stores in Singapore since the 5 Nov, and I will review the DHC mild soap, which is the second cleansing step of the olive essentials. 
This conditioning cleanser leaves skin refreshingly clean without that tight, itchy feeling. The emollient-rich lather goes to work on grime and dirt, leaving humectants to help maintain your skin’s moisture balance. This clear and simple bar—free of unnecessary colors and fragrances—works for anyone’s skin. It’s a great body cleanser, too.
My Review:

The DHC brochure recommended that a soup bowl's worth of lather/foam is ideal. However, I found great difficulty in producing one soup bowls worth of foam and I tried to produce as much foam as possible. After using the DHC mild soap, to test whether my face is totally clean, I used the Clinique Clarifying Lotion to wipe my face. Because of the lotion's mild exfoliating properties, it is able to remove any residual dirt on one's face. Usually when my face is totally clean, the cotton pad will come off as white with no yellowish stain. However, after using the DHC mild soap, the cotton pad had some yellowish residue, indicating that the DHC mild soap did not thoroughly cleanse my face well.Although this might be due to the face that I was not able to create enough foam for ideal cleansing, it is not deniable that there is great difficulty in creating foam.

New Amino Hybrid Technology formulation makes it easier and faster to create creamy and dense foam which lifts dirt and impurities more effectively and prevents dirt from redepositing onto the skin.

FACIAL WASHING POWDER has a unique Perfect Cleansing Sensor which effectively removes dirt without stripping your skin of its natural and essential moisture, leaving it soft and moist.
When I compare DHC to Fancl's Washing Powder, I can create foam very easily using the foaming ball for Fancl and it thoroughly cleanses my face, as tested using the Clinique Clarifying Lotion, there is no yellowish residue. But as with DHC, both are not a lazy girl's cleanser as you have to make a good dense foam to cleanse well, so not for days when you're in a rush or terribly sleepy!

One good thing about DHC mild soap is that is contains olive oil and honey, which moisturises your skin while you cleanse your face, so your face will not feel dry after cleansing. However, Fancl's washing powder also has moisture retaining properties, so there is not much difference here. My face doesn't feel tight with both cleansers

Overall, the ease of usage (foam creation) and the cleansing ability of DHC mild soap is not as good as Fancl Washing Powder. If price isn't a factor, I say purchase Fancl Washing powder instead.

Price of mild soap: $26.50for 90g
Price of Fancl washing powder: $25 for 50g

Rate (DHC): 2.5/5  Doesn't foam easily and doesn't cleanse well enough
Rate(Fancl): 4.8/5  Cleanses thoroughly and doesn't leave skin dry

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