Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Product! : La Mer - The Hydrating Facial Mask

As mentioned in my earlier post, La Mer, Takashimaya held an event to promote their new Hydrating Facial Mask. I attended the one-to-one session which allowed me to try (and successfully tempting me to purchase) the Hydrating Facial mask.

The essence is somewhat thick, and white in colour, almost like a gel-cream texture. The mask is a two-zoned masks so that it can fit perfectly on your face. The mask only needs to be left on for 8 minutes, however there is still lots of essence left, so you can use this on your neck or elsewhere. This is an intensive treatment mask and only needs to be used once a week.

Mask Benefits:
A sumptuous spa-like facial that brings skincare to a new level of luxury. The Hydrating Facial saturates the skin with signature Hydrating Ferments to reawaken the appearance of youth.
A cascade of moisture comforts and quenches the skin on contact, encouraging it to feel hydrated, nourished and conditioned as never before. Dryness and dehydration become a concern of the past as skin is enveloped in the healing energies of the sea.

Potent marine extracts help diminish the visible signs of aging.  Dark spots and discoloration begin to fade from view, revealing a clearer, more even complexion.

Ultra soft to the touch, this spun-lace cotton mask is embedded with tourmaline to quickly and generously hydrate the skin. As the spa journey is completed, a youthful tone, resilience, and vitality begin to emerge. Skin looks smoother, feels soft and supple to the touch.

Even dry complexions are renewed as skin is visibly transformed.
The effects are very obvious! There is very good hydrating properties and I could see my skin's fine lines disappeared. There was also very obvious brightening up of my dull skin tone. My skin soaked up all the moisture it could from the mask. Really lovely!

The down side would be the hefty price tag of the La Mer brand.

Price: S$460 for a box of 6 masks

Rate: 4.5/5   Excellent mask with an equally expensive price.

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