Monday, July 5, 2010

My Experience: La Mer Creme De La Mer as Treatment Face Mask

I dropped by the La Mer counter to replenish my La Mer Creme De La Mer or The Moisturising Gel Cream. I didn't know which to get as I like both. The Moisturising Gel Cream suits my skin type (dehydrated combination) better but the Creme De La Mer suits all skin type and when I use Creme De La Mer I use it around my eyes as well. 

I asked the SA for advice and she gave me two reasons to choose the creme. It seems she prefers it more. 

1. The creme is slightly more economical because one tends to use more of the Gel each time as it is less oily. This is really true! I realised very early on that I tend to use more Gel than Creme as I tend to be more careful not to scoop too much Creme cos of the risk of it being too rich for my skin. When I use the Gel it seems habitual to scoop more so that my skin is more than adequately hydrated and smooth. 

2. The SA taught me a new way to use the Creme - as a treatment face mask. I also spread it over my eye area as an eye mask. 

First spread a thicker than usual layer of the Creme onto your skin (without rubbing).

Leave it on for 5 minutes and then rub your hands together to warm them and press the Creme into your skin. The Creme will melt and then massage the Creme into your skin in upwards motion. This helps in lifting and firming. 

Then dab off the excess Creme with a tissue if you find that it is too oily. But I usually massage it in as much as I can, then I warm my palms and press them onto my face.

It is recommended that you use this about once every three weeks as a treatment face mask. It is very rich so it is not recommended to use it too often.

Price: $240 for 30ml

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the helpful post. :D
    I'm wondering, how much do you use exactly, for this mask?
    I tried doing it today, but I'm not sure if I used enough.
    Do you have to actually see the cream? Or is a nice layer of oiliness enough? (Sorry can't really phrase it better)


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