Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream & Creme De La Mer

Product Information:
Gel de La Mer is an ultralight edition of the original Crème de la Mer that hydrates and refreshes the skin, leaving a supremely soft finish. Its gel-like texture is ideal for warmer weather and times when a true cream just might be too rich.
I am currently using both the Creme de La Mer and the gel cream version. I initially started out with the Creme as I wanted to try the classical version first. But I found it a bit too rich for my combination skin. Although the Creme is purported to suit all skin types, I suggest using the gel version for combination and oily skin especially in humid and warm Singapore weather.

I will provide a short comparison between the Creme de La Mer and Gel de La Mer. The Creme has to be warmed between the fingertips to activate the broth and 'pressed' into the skin. The gel skips the warming step.

The Creme, when applied leaves an occlusive film on my skin. I think that this has to do with the rich emollient ingredients in the creme like lanolin. I find that it requires some time for it to be absorbed and I have to warm my palms to aid in absorption. Some people might find the richness of the creme uncomfortable in our climate. I am okay with this richness but I worry it might clog my pores further (the creme has ingredients like mineral oil and lanolin that potentially clog pores) so I now use the creme as an eye cream as it is suitable for use around the eye area as well. It moisturises really well as an eye cream as my eye area is dryer than my facial skin and requires a richer cream.

The gel suits my facial skin very well. It is readily absorbed and does not leave my skin feeling oily after it is absorbed. It gives a refreshing feel upon application and despite its gel form, it moisturises very well. I really like the Gel de La Mer and I find that gel cream moisturisers are usually the best for skin that is oily yet dehydrated like mine, and not too rich for the T-zone as well.

Both the Creme de La Mer and gel de La Mer are wonderful products but are very dreadful to the wallet. However, if you are willing to splurge on moisturisers as an investment for your future skin, I recommend these two products, but do choose them according to your skin type for it to work best.

Do read my updated review here.

Price: $240 for 30ml 


  1. Hi. I just started on Creme de la Mer and I love it lots. I have combination skin but the creme is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving any greasy feel. I also bought the regenerating serum. Much prefer the creme. Was thinking about the gel as well may get that to try for day while using th cream for night. Like you I decided on the creme as it was the "classic original".

    Was intend into try radiance infusion, but changed my mind after reading your blog. Thanks.

    No I am looking for a good face wash.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Nice to hear my reviews were useful to u. I finished the gel much faster than the creme. I think cos I only use a small amount of the creme each time.

    Avene and clinique have good cleansers. La Mer's cleansing lotion and toner weren't impressive. =)


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