Saturday, April 24, 2010

Updated Review: Creme de La Mer & The Moisturizing Gel de La Mer

[Updates]: Someone dropped me a note and asked for more details on the effects of creme/gel de la mer. I shall add on to my previous review.(I understand that it is expensive and more consideration has to be made before purchasing this! =) )

For Creme de La Mer, the creme was too rich for my skin, which is why I now use it as my eye cream. It is moisturising enough as an eye cream as it has a lot of emollient ingredients. It absorbs well and has not given me any milia seeds. As a moisturising cream, it is a bit on the oily side for my combination skin, despite me reducing the amount of creme used. My skin lacks moisture, not oil as I have a dehydrated oily skin type, so it did not suit me that well. I think it might have contributed to some clogs on my face as well. I think that it will be good for those with dry skin type.

The gel is more refreshing for my skin. Absorbs fast and gives my skin a glow. I find that my clogs are lesser when using this gel. Perhaps due to the higher water content of gels, which is what my skin needs.

Effects wise, for both creme and gel de la mer, I find that my red pimple marks healed/faded faster than usual. But I wonder if it is psychological. I use my usual Kose Sekkisei Lotion, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence but I don't use any whitening serum. If you are looking at investing in the creme for wrinkles, I find that it did not help with any of my undereye lines. I have 2 lines at the left side (not the right!), and they have not disappeared.

If you are considering which to purchase, I suggest buying the one that suits your skin type. The La Mer website actually states that the creme is suitable for all skin types. And because I wanted to buy the classical product from the La Mer skincare line (due to the price, I should get the classic one right?), I chose to buy the Creme but I find that it does not suit my skin as a moisturiser. Thankfully it works well as an eye cream, or else I would have given it to my mom. The website does state that the creme is suitable for the eye area, which was why when I was using the creme for the face, I used it for my eye area as well, saving me one additional product and skincare step. 

The creme works better if you have sensitive skin. The Gel sometimes make my skin a little red. It doesn't happen often but I would stick to the creme.

I hope I provided more information for you to consider before making your purchase! =)

p.s. I  am currently using the La Mer Radiant Infusion. I will give the product more time for it to make its magic and I will review it here soon! For now, the Radiant Infusion has not done much for my skin.

Price: $240 for 30ml 

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