Friday, July 9, 2010

Review: DrGeorgiaLee Cleanser - Sensitive

Product Information (&pic: from drgeorgialee website):
Formulated to suit even the most sensitive skins, this cleanser effectively removes makeup and cleanses skin, leaving it smooth and silky soft.
 This product was prescribed to me when I went to have a consultation with Dr Georgia Lee. She said my skin is on the sensitive side and recommended her drgeorgialee cleanser - sensitive to me, she recommended stopping my oil cleanser, then use this a a makeup remover.

I was initially not used to this drgeorgialee cleanser as it does not foam, so basically I use about 3 pumps and massage it in circles around my face then I wipe it off with cotton wool, repeat then wash off instead of wiping with cotton wool. The lady at the clinic said I can wipe off with cotton then wash off later.

I was told that this cleanser can be used to remove make up, as Dr Georgia Lee had recommended me to use this in place of my oil cleanser. But honestly, I have since reverted to using my Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser. Reason being, the oil cleanser removes my makeup and sunblock much faster. I have to repeatedly use 3 pumps worth of the drgeorgialee cleanser about 4 times before my cotton wool is totally clean, which is a total waste of the product (which is not cheap at all). What I do now is I remove my makeup using my Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser then wash my face again once with the Drgeorgialee Cleanser - Sensitive. (My makeup involves a layer of sunblock then a light layer of 2 way foundation cake and light blusher)

I find that after washing with the Drgeorgialee Cleanser - Sensitive, my face is less red and feels a bit soothed. My skin does not feel any dryness or tightness, which is a good sign that the Drgeorgialee Cleanser - Sensitive is not overly harsh.

If I follow the routine of oil cleanser then Drgeorgialee Cleanser - Sensitive, I find that my cotton wool is clean even after using my Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2, which is a mild exfoliant and usually makes any left over sebum/dirt show on the cotton wool as yellowish dirt. So the oil cleanser in combination with the Drgeorgialee Cleanser - Sensitive is able to wash my skin thoroughly enough. But I will not use the Drgeorgialee Cleanser - Sensitive on its own as I feel it does not remove my sunblock and makeup as thoroughly as my oil cleanser.

All in all, this is an expensive cleanser. It is good if your skin is really sensitive but to use this as a makeup remover as was Dr Georgia Lee's intention is quite a waste of money for me as the amount I use in one day to cleanse is really too much.

Price: $98 for 240ml

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