Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Skincare-holic's 2009 Favourites List

2009 is coming to an end and I thought it would be good to round up the year with my all-time favourites list. I love trying out new skincare products so unless I particularly love the product, I will not purchase it again. So the products in this list are products that I have purchased twice or more, I think work nicely for my skin, and is worth it's price

1. Fancl Washing Powder
This washing powder creates dense foam that effectively cleanses my skin without stripping it of its moisture. I do not experience any tight feeling after cleansing with the Fancl Washing Powder. When use with the Facial Washing Puff, my skin is left clean with lesser blaskheads. No other cleanser can achieve these results for my skin.

2. Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil
Double cleansing is an important component of my skincare regime. I have used countless bottles of Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil as it removes all of my makeup thoroughly and effortlessly, even my waterproof mascara. It emulsifies easily and does not leave any oily residue behind. Although I am currently using Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, the Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil is still my preferred choice.

3. Fancl Sunguard 30
The Fancl Sunguard has SPF30 PA+++ so it blocks out both UVA and UVB rays sufficiently. I like its light texture and how it is easily blended into my skin.

4. Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Extended Thirst Relief
I always buy the Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Extended Thirst Relief whenever I have the opportunity to travel. I buy it at the Changi Airport DFS because it comes in the set above which includes the Moisture Surge Eye Gel and I find that it is quite a good deal. The Clinique Moisture Surge Extra is what I always use whenever my skin feels dry and what I always bring along onto the plane where the air is very dry. It combats change in humidity and any weather changes effectively. It always keeps my skin moisturised for a long period of time. I use this in thick layers without any fear of milia seeds and I use this around my eye area as well.

5. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
I like this moisturiser as it is a basic moisturiser that serves the purpose of keeping my skin moisturised. It does not leave any sticky feeling and absorbs readily. I use this whenever I am suffering from any breakouts as I feel this does not further aggravate my skin condition and does its job of moisturising well.

6. Kose Sekkisei Lotion
I have used 3 bottles of Kose Sekkisei Lotion. I like it as a lotion mask and how moisturising it is for my skin. Although the whitening benefits of the Lotion are not that obvious, the Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic Mask makes up for it. These two Sekkisei products are good but the rest of the Sekkisei line are disappointing.

7. Trilogy Rosehip Oil
Rosehip oil has wonderful anti-oxidants and skin regenerative properties. I turn to Trilogy's Rosehip Oil for additional moisture boost when my skin feels dry. Trilogy Rose Hip Oil absorbs easily without clogging my pores and does not leave any oily residue on my skin. I am including this because I was quite crazy over Rosehip Oil products at the beginning of 2009, but the Trilogy range of products (cleansers, toner, moisturisers, masks) disappointed me so I might try other products after this.

To end off my post, below are products I will always avoid.

- Biobeauty Advanced Hydrating Eye Freshening Gel HA玻尿酸清新眼凝露
This caused my eye area a severe allergic reaction which made my skin red, inflamed, swollen and hurt as though I got burnt.

- Henry Tianus.
I bought this after reading raves on Cozycot and because it was a natural product. But the Overnight Skin Perfector caused me acne problems that I have not experienced in years.

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