Sunday, January 3, 2010

Review: Proactiv Daily Oil Control

The Proactiv Daily Oil Control was a product that I got as I was having blemish problems after returning from overseas. I bought this together with the Proactiv Advanced Blemish Treatment which is a spot treatment.

The Proactic Daily Oil Control is a good product for controlling my oily T-zone. My skin type is combination. I usually wake up with an oily T-zone but when I use this product at night, my skin is matte in the mornings. I also use this in the morning to control any shine during the day. It works. But it does not eliminate all the oil. I think it is unrealistic to expect the product to help you not have shine/oil at all. But it helps slow down the oiling process.

This product works nicely to control my oil and I use this mostly in the mornings. I would recommend using only a thin layer. A small amount is enough for this product to work. Although those with oily skins might be overzealous and put a large amount in hopes that the oily skin would be gone. But! your skin can get dried out by the Proactiv Daily Oil Control and when your skin surface is dry, it sends a signal to your skin to produce more oil, which defeats the purpose as your skin would be oily again. This is why some people think that the product does not work for them. So please keep in mind to use only a thin layer when using this product.

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