Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review: Proactiv Advanced Blemish Treatment

After the CNY holidays, I got hit with some bumps threatening to become pimples. And I used my favourite pimple zapping cream. The Proactiv Advanced Blemish Treatment. This is by far the pimple cream that works the fastest in drying out pimples.

One thing about I like about Proactiv is their philosophy:
The acne cycle starts invisibly, below the skin's surface, weeks before a blemish breaks out. That's why Proactiv is designed to attack acne "proactively"—delivering the right combination of medicines and skin-care agents, in the right order and concentrations, to help control the acne cycle before breakouts occur. If you have acne, Proactiv is the key to a clear complexion.

I don't use the other Proactiv 3-step products as they are too strong and drying for my skin. But this Advanced Blemish Treatment cream is really good as a spot treatment for pimples that have already formed or are about to form. It takes overnight for a pimple bump to go down and heal. And it takes about 3 days for a formed pimple/acne to dry out. This is the fastest and most effective drugstore pimple cream I have found.

Although it is a bit expensive at about $40+ for a small 9.5g tube, a little bit goes a long way. People have said that this Blemish Treatment dries out their skin. But I think it is because of the way they used the product. Because it is so strong, only a tiny bit is required. And the packaging is such that only a tiny bit can be squeezed out at one time, I think this is to prevent one from using too much each time.

All in all, this is a really effective pimple cream. I have just purchased my second tube, and I think I will stick to Proactiv until a better cream comes along.

* Anyone tried Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily? Is it good?

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