Sunday, December 13, 2009

Review: Niu Er BioBeauty Daily Pore Refining Microfoliant

The BioBeauty Daily Pore Refining Microfoliant is one of Niu Er's best selling products. This product is good for skin with clogged pores as the product contains papaya enzymes that soften dead skin cells that clog the skin. It also helps with absorption of skincare products as it clears skin of any impurities before usage of your masks. The rice extracts help protect the skin while it is being exfoliated gently.

There are small microbeads in this microfoliant but they usually cannot be felt if the product is used right. When I first started using the BioBeauty Daily Pore Refining Microfoliant, I followed the instructions written and tried making it into a paste by adding a bit of water, but I realised there was a very strong and piercing smell that is grass-like. However, I found out that it is better to foam up the product. Using it that way is more gentle and made more sense as well.

I usually use this on days when I feel that my face is oilier than normal, or when I have makeup on for long hours, especially if I do not want to use a rougher scrub. This microfoliant is somewhat like double cleansing for me whenever I feel there is a need to cleanse another time. The website states that you can use this in place of your normal cleanser, but I prefer my Fancl Washing Powder so I prefer to use this as a very mild scrub.

I have used the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant before and I think this is a cheaper alternative to that, except the Dermalogica one does not foam up as much.

I do not recommend using the BioBeauty Daily Pore Refining Microfoliant daily however, as I feel that it might be a bit too drying. It might be fine for those with oily skin, but I would advise those with normal to dry skin to not use it daily. You can use it like I do, on days when you need extra cleansing, or perhaps alternate days. I used it daily before and I found it was a bit too drying but I have to say that when I used this daily, I had significantly lesser blackheads.

So all in all, this product works as it did work to reduce my blackheads, skin was smoother as well, but it can be drying if used daily in the long run.

Rate: 4/5

Spree price: About $17.80

(Please note that I am not conducting any sprees, I am only reviewing products.)

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  1. I m considering this but I do not really understand how to use it. I have combination skin and i use the AHA sebum purifying facial cleanser. Will it be too drying for me even if i use this 3-4 times a week? tks!

  2. Hi, I find that if you foam it up it is less harsh, then massage it around your face like a normal scrub. Since your cleanser has AHA, which is an exfoliant, you will not have to use a scrub so often. Your cleanser sounds like it might be a bit drying so twice a week should be sufficient. If it is drying, decrease usage =)

  3. Hey i just came across this blog because I searched for Chrysalis spa and found your experience.
    Really useful blog. So nice that you share your experiences and opinions without being biased. Thank you !!

  4. Hi, Thank you for your comment. It's very sweet of you. Hope you enjoyed reading! =)


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