Sunday, November 15, 2009

Review: Niu Er's BioBeauty Ellagic Acid Whitening Essence

My Review:

Whitening products are a must-have in my skincare regime and I never stop trying products trying to find the best whitening product in the industry, and my holy grail product. I will review Niu Er's BioBeauty Ellagic Acid Whitening Essence (鞣花酸洋甘菊美白原液). Ellagic acid is an anti-oxidant found in fruits and vegetables like blueberries, cranberries and strawberries (It is a well-known fact that eating berries are good for it's anti-cancer properties). Ellagic Acid is also suitable for sensitive skin.

My benchmark for whitening products is that it should have effects the next morning. From my experience, whitening products that are good have immediate results by the next morning. Although my skin might be a bit darker by the end of the day, the cumulative effects of whitening should occur by the time I finish the product.

I think this whitening essence is quite good as I experience obvious brightening of my skin in the morning. And this is usually the effect that I look out for when testing out whitening products. So the Ellagic Acid is quite good at giving the skin brightening effects. However, with regards to whitening the old pimple scars that I have, it wasn't so effective. My pimple scars are really stubborn so it is understandable that the essence didnt help with them (I have been having the scars for half a year now and Fancl's whitening essence didnt help as well).

Overall, I say that this Ellagic Acid whitening essence is good as an overall skin whitening/brightening product that provides immediate results with skin, as observed in the morning. It is also a cheap alternative to the many whitening serums/essences that we have in the Singapore market.

Price: NT420, about S$25, spree price.

Rate: 4/5 Good whitening effects

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  1. hi,

    am interested to try out the Ellagic whitening serum. Can i know where to purchase it?


  2. Hi,

    If you are from Singapore, you can buy it through payeasy sprees that some people organise.

  3. do they sell it in sasa? 'cause i saw it in sasa website. :S not really in the loop when it comes to sprees.


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