Friday, December 11, 2009

Dr Ci:Labo

I have recently taken an interest on Dr Ci:Labo's Aqua Collagen Gel. Dr Ci:Labo is a cosmeceutical brand, that is skincare line developed by a doctor from Japan as he has been seeing patients presenting similar skin problems and started developing his own line of skincare products.

One standout product is the Aqua Collagen Gel. Dr. Shirono's development concept was to create naturally derived product that "eliminated all unnecessary ingredients, formulating only those vital to promote the skin's natural power to preserve its beauty and vitality." As the result of many years of extensive research, focusing on restoring the skin's moisture retaining ability and studying the data of 20,000 patients, this versatile cream-type gel was made available.
Its reputation spread by word of mouth and the clinic was inundated with requests for the gel.

The name "Aqua-Collagen-Gel" was chosen and the product became commercially available in 1999.

What I like about the Aqua Collagen Gel is that it contains no surfactants, mineral oils, artificial colorings or fragrances. The product is free of ingredients that can be harmful to the skin, so you can use it with confidence every single day - simple and natural.

Unlike other skincare products, the Aqua Collagen Gel is all you need after cleansing to keep your skin moisturized 24 hours a day. It is supposed to replace your toner, essence, moisturiser as an all-in-one product. Although I really like my skincare steps, I am still keen on trying this out.

Ever since it was launched in Japan a decade ago, over 10 million jars have been sold, which is probably a testament to it's popularity.

The price of a 50ml jar is about S$63 and a 120ml jar is about S$123. It is more worth it to buy the 120ml but for the sake of 'freshness' of the contents, I would still prefer to buy the 50ml.

Dr Ci:Labo has only one counter in Singapore for now at Isetan Orchard (Wisma Atria). There is now a Christmas set consisting of the Aqua Collagen Gel 50ml, retail sized sunblock, Super Washing Foam EX and Super Cleansing EX at S$148.

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