Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: Dr. Ci:Labo UV & White Moisture Milk SPF 30 PA++

Product information:
UV rays promote blotches, freckles, fine wrinkles and a host of other skin troubles.  Protection Milk is a sun block that helps to both cut UV rays as well as care for damaged skin cells.  It contains the skin brightening substance alpha-arbutin (which works on the causes of blotches and freckles), as well as containing marine collagen and hyaluronan to protect and moisturize skin subjected to drying from UV rays.  It contains no perfumes, coloring, mineral oils or UV ray absorbing substances.
Protection Milk comes in two levels of protection: "SPF30 PA++" - for protecting you from the sun during your daily routine - and "SPF50 PA+++" - for people who like the outdoors but who definitely don't like getting burned.

I tried a sample of Dr. Ci:Labo UV & White Moisture Milk SPF 30 PA++ and the first time I tried it, I loved it so much I went out to get the full sized bottle from Isetan Wisma where Dr. Ci:Labo has a counter.

Why I love it so much?
I have been wanting to find a sunscreen that doesn't feel like a sunscreen on my face. I don't know if you experience this, but when i use sunblock at home, I usually can feel this layer of sunblock on my face, which I dislike. Normally, sunscreens make my skin a bit suffocated especially if I cannot set it with powder. (It's strange if I have to set my sunscreen with makeup at home, and at home days are no-makeup days to allow skin to breathe and take a break!)

So I have once thought of getting a day cream with UVA/UVB protection, but could never find any suitable ones. That is until I tried a sample of Dr. Ci:Labo UV & White Moisture Milk SPF 30 PA++. I have had this sample for a while but never got down to trying it until I was home and I used my Avene Cleanance K in the day, which is an AHA/BHA cream-gel, and I needed sun protection. I am conscious of applying sunscreen when I use AHA/BHAs and any retinoids, which explains my need for a sunscreen that is comfortable for home use.

Dr. Ci:Labo UV & White Moisture Milk SPF 30 PA++ feels like a moisturiser and in fact, when I use this Moisture Milk, I skip moisturiser. Dr. Ci:Labo UV & White Moisture Milk SPF 30 PA++ alone sufficiently moisturised my combination skin and I feel that people with normal or even slightly dryer skin can also use this sunscreen with additional moisturiser below.

The texture of this Dr. Ci:Labo UV & White Moisture Milk SPF 30 PA++ feels like a cream-gel. Quite light, spreads easily with no tugging (due to the silica) and also absorbs fast. Most importantly, no stuffy feeling or feeling that there is a layer of something on my skin that I need to wash off.

Lastly, it is also great that this UV moisture milk contains alpha arbutin, to help with whitening as well as collagen and hyaluron for moisture. All three are beneficial ingredients for the skin. It's also great that alcohol is not one of the first few ingredients like in La Roche-Posay Anthelios. So no need to worry about alcohol dehydrating my skin.

If only this were a perfect product! But these are just slight dislikes I can overlook. The UVA protection is only PA++, which is considered insufficient for me. But since I only intend to use this at home, I am able to overlook this (Note: UVA rays can penetrate windows into homes). Another thing would be the silica content. I know of people who break out due to silica. So I am worried that this will be comedogenic in the long run. I will be monitoring.

Price of Dr. Ci:Labo UV & White Moisture Milk SPF 30 PA++ is S$51 for 30ml, which is considered quite expensive for a small sized product. The price of the SPF50 one has PA+++ (better protection) and is slightly more expensive at S$57 for 30ml. I should go back down to the counter to try out the SPF 50 one, I am hoping it is just as lovable as the SPF30. If the feeling on my skin is similar, I will definitely purchase for daily outdoor use.

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