Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review: Fancl Moist & Vital Mask (Limited Edition)

This is a limited edition mask from Fancl, but I think it is still available in stores, so go out to grab it if you want to try it out.

Fancl Moist & Vital Mask is a facial mask with a cream-type essence. Indeed, when I removed the mask from the packaging the first time, I thought: what a strange mask material. It felt plasticky but adhered nicely to the skin. There is a lot of excess essence when I removed the mask from the packaging and when I squeezed the mask material after using the mask for 15 mins, more essence was squeezed out, so the mask is nicely saturated with essence and because of the texture of the essence, there is no issue of dripping essence. It's the first time I am using a cream-type essence mask. The "cream" is more like an emulsion than a cream. It is very rich and would suit dry skin the best. I thought it was too rich for my combination skin and I only used this once a month. Although the mask is rich, it didn't cause any break outs or clogged pores.

After using the mask, my skin was very moisturised. It took more massaging than other masks for the essence to be absorbed. But then again, my face was still oily with the cream essence after massaging. After half an hour, I blotted the remaining oil with a tissue paper. I couldn't bring myself to follow the mask with a moisturiser, so I patted on some Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion.

This Fancl Moist & Vital Mask contains HTC Collagen and Hydroxyproline , which enhances collagen production. And Hyaluronic Acids for long-lasting, intensive hydration.

This is a wonderful mask but too rich for my skin - very hydrating but too oily. It would be great for dry skin or if you're in a dry climate.

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