Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Laneige Hydra Solution Essence

Product Benefits
A superbly hydrating essence that instantly replenishes skin's thirst for plump and moist skin.

This powerful essence also supports skin cell renewal in the night when skin cell regeneration is at its optimum, for a crystal clear complexion. 

I read good things about the Laneige Hydra Solution Essence, but I don't think it suits my combination skin very much. Perhaps I should have purchased the Water Bank essence instead (that one should be lighter but I'm not sure cos I haven't tried Water Bank yet).

Reason why I say it may be unsuitable for my combination skin is because after 4 hours, my skin became oily, especially around my t-zone. I use one pump each time. I passed this on to my mom instead as I was worried it might be too rich/oily and make me break out.

This Hydra Solution Essence did not activate my sensitive skin but there is a strong fragrance, which seems to be present in most Laneige products.

The texture of this essence is interesting. When you pump the Laneige Hydra Solution Essence out, it looks like it has this silicone-type of texture. Then when you spread it onto your skin, it becomes almost watery. After massaging it in, the essence turns from watery to oily. It's quite intriguing to feel these texture changes and this is what makes skincare interesting.

I suppose this Hydra Solution Essence would suit dry-normal skin types better. It made my combination skin oily but thankfully, no breakouts occurred. I thought the BA should have better advised me regarding the suitability of this product for my skin type, but it's good that my mom is able to use it.

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