Sunday, August 7, 2011

Japan's Drugstore Cosmetics

Skincare-holic is heading to Japan!

I would like to ask for recommendations on what to get! I am definitely stocking up on Hada Labo and Fancl. Please email or comment with recommendations!



  1. Ah, you're lucky! I want to go to Japan again. >.<
    Will you try the new Hada Labo es series?

    Hm, I would look out for good sunscreens, and I don't know if you are into make-up, but Kanebo brands like Coffret d'Or usually make great lipsticks, with brands like Lavshuca targeted at the younger customer quite affordable! (Moist Melting Rouge <3)

    The Cure Natural Aqua Peeling Gel seems very popular, too, and if the price wasn't so hefty, I'd order one online - but you can have a look at it in "person"!

  2. Hi Julia,

    I'm not very sure what the Hada Labo es series is, but I plan to buy the one in a red bottle with retinol.

    =) Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Hada Labo es is a new series for sensitive skin. The ratings on aren't very good, though. Maybe get a trial kit first?
    Ah, the anti-aging one? I see.

    Hopefully my recommendations are of some use to you!

  4. Get the japan's exclusive Shiseido brands like Revital Granas and Haku whitening essence when u come there. Please do reviews them later if u happen to get any :d

  5. The packaging of japanese skincare are all so cute, i believe u will buy a lot,lol
    anyway, for afforadable products, i recommend hado labo and sheshido perfect whip :)


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