Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Naruko Magnolia Brightening And Firming Cream

Product Information (credit
Product Detail:
Naruko Magnolia Brightening And Firming Cream is designed for mature skin and it is an all-round anti-aging skin cream. It helps your skin against the problem of oxidant and sallow, and you can regain the white and young skin. The formula contains a variety of hydrating ingredients, all of these provide water for skin and make your skin moisture and smooth. At the same time, it repair damaged skin, and your skin shows the feeling of smooth and supple.

Natural Ingredients:
Plantain Extract Complex, Magnolia Floral, Phytoferulin®, Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin, etc.

I bought this after seeing Naruko Magnolia Brightening And Firming Cream on Nu Ren Wo Zui Da show. This brand from Taiwan and is the product of skincare guru Niu Er lao shi. I looked up the product and saw that it had a comprehensive list of beneficial ingredients. It seemed like an all-in-one anti-aging and moisturising cream. 

Naruko Magnolia Brightening And Firming Cream has a light cream texture. It doesn't absorb too easily and requires a bit of massaging, which I don't mind since Naruko Magnolia Brightening And Firming Cream is an anti-aging cream, it is also a good time to do some lifting facial massages. I am, however, not too fond of the smell. I know it is probably the magnolia smell but I thought it is a bit too strong. It was a bit uncomfortable to keep smelling the cream the first time but I got used to the smell after a few uses. 

After applying and massaging the Naruko Magnolia Brightening And Firming Cream in to my skin, it absorbs but still leaves my skin feeling oily. A clear sign this is too rich for my skin. I have combination skin type,  dehydrated with oily t-zone. So I concentrate on my cheek area before applying the rest to the t-zone. Even then, I still feel an oily film on my skin. Sometimes, after a few hours, before bed, I blot off the oil by pressing a piece of tissue into my skin, without rubbing any cream off. The website states that this is suitable for all skin types, but I don't think I will recommend this for oily skin types. Dry and normal skin types will suit this Naruko Magnolia Brightening And Firming Cream better. 

It is quite an expensive cream. I cannot remember the price but I think it was around $60+, definitely more expensive than the average cream from Niu Er's brands. I think it is too expensive to purchase again since it is a bit too oily for me. 

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