Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Experience: My Skin and Eczema

I recently developed some red itchy patches around my face that refused to go away so I went to see a dermatologist. It was diagnosed to be atopic eczema, which will be recurring for the next few years. The most annoying thing is, my eczema only occurs on my face and nowhere else. How terrible is that.

So I have been using the steroid cream the dermatologist prescribed and the eczema has been getting better, except that they now grow at different places where I don't apply the cream. First, they concentrated around my cheeks, now they appear on my chin. So I have these ugly red patches and there is little I can do.

I tried to simplify my skincare routine. I cut down the chemical AHAs and control what I use on my face. I am using California Baby Calendula Cream, cos calendula is supposed to be good for eczema and rashes. And if a baby can use it, so can I! It is a bit rich for me. I have been noticing some clogged pores after using this day and night for the past few weeks. But if it calms the eczema, I rather suffer some clogs that I can remove without using any medication than have to rely on steroids.

My eczema isn't bothering me so much now and the itch is now bearable. I am now slowly introducing more items into my routine so that I can finish my stash of skincare (I am also applying stuff that used to be for my face onto my neck - to finish them and to help with neck lines!).

So maybe reviews will come a bit slower since I am using lesser stuff now, but I still have products I have yet to review - La Mer The Tonic, Avene Diacneal, Avene Eluage Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate (liking this!). So check back soon!

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  1. urlique calendula cream is best for anti aging and keeps us eczema free and no side effect of it,go for it and try once
    how to get rid off wrinkles ?
    thanks for updating with nice post


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