Friday, April 15, 2011

Review: Hanskin Intense Eye Cream

Product information (credit: description on product itself):
Hanskin's Intense Eye Cream contains Argireline. Phytocollagen which minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while protecting against environmental damage and eliminates superoxidein skin cell. 

I bought this from Korea, as part of a pack which consists of their best selling bb creams and another night cream. The description highlighted the ingredient Argireline, which is supposedly something like a topical botox. So I had expectations that this Hanskin Intense Eye Cream will help with my lines.

The texture is cream-like, absorbs relatively fast but feels like there is a film on my skin after that. I suspect there are silicones in this eye cream due to the texture. It is common to have silicones in anti-wrinkle products as they act as temporary fillers such that wrinkles look like they disappeared or reduced, but it is mainly just a cosmetic improvement due to the silicone filler. I cannot confirm this as I do not have the ingredients list and I cannot find it anywhere online. Another downside about not having the ingredients list is that there is no way to tell how much active ingredients are in this eye cream. So I cannot tell how much or little Argireline or phytocollagen this eye cream contains.

Needless to say, this eye cream did little for my lines. Hydration-wise, it is very average. I sometimes have to follow with another eye cream if my eye area is dryer.

All in all, Hanskin Intense Eye Cream is a below average. Good for those who needs just a basic eye cream or during the summer time. I probably would not use this Hanskin Intense Eye Cream during the winter. I will not re-purchase.


  1. I think I have a small size of the same cream and didn't find it really hydrating either. Too bad. :(

  2. Hi Julia, totally agree. There are better eye creams out there. =)


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