Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Experience: Face Sprays

Face Sprays are wonderful perk-me-ups for the skin and can sometimes work as an instant skin fix. Most face sprays are used for their moisturising purposes, providing instant moisture for dry skin. I have combination skin so I don't usually need a face spray unless I am in an air conditioned environment.

I have heard people telling me that using face sprays make their skin feel soothed (from dryness) for a while but after a while, it feels dryer than before. This is because most people do not pat the water into their skin. What happens is after spraying, the mist is on the skin and soothes the surface dryness. However, as the mist evaporates, it carries along with it it the moisture from the skin. This is why I find it important to clean my hands and pat the mist into my skin. 

There are a few face sprays that I will be writing about - Avene Thermal Spring Water, Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray and Niu Er BeautyDIY Rose Floral Water Calming Spray.

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