Sunday, December 6, 2009

Review: Etude House Green Tea Nose Pack

I read raves about the Etude House Nose Pack on Cozycot and so I dropped by Etude House at Ion Orchard to grab a few pieces when I saw that there were stock.

My Review:
I remember a few years ago, there was a Biore Nose Pack and this product is similar to that, except that it is green in colour and has a green tea smell. The way to use this nose pack is to wet nose with water and to stick on the nose patch. However, I found that the nose pack was a bit stiff and the tip of my nose didn't adhere well at all. I found myself holding into the tip of my nose just to get it to stick. However, all that ended up with the tips of my fingers being covered in something that is like glue. I guess that is what Etude House Nose Pack uses to adhere to the blackheads to pull it out, but I didn't enjoy having glue on my finger tips for a nose pack that was a bit too stiff to fit onto my nose.

Aside from the glue, the nose pack did pull out a few blackheads, by 'a few' I mean about 5 or less clogged pores. That was quite disappointing as I had expected more. So the nose pack didn't really work after all.

While waiting for the nose pack to dry, my cheeks started to dry out as I didn't put on any cream or what nots while waiting for the nose pack to dry. The skin around my cheeks and also my forehead became really tight and when I followed up with the Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask, my skin practically sucked the mask up and I had to keep spraying Avene Thermal Spring Water to make the mask more moist. I would advise anyone using the nose pack to also put on some moisturiser while using this nose pack, especially if you have dry skin.

All in all, the Etude House nose pack didn't work for me as I found it didn't adhere well to the tip of my nose and it pulled out only about 5 blackheads or lesser. The nose pack also left glue on my fingertips and caused my cheeks to dry out.

Price $0.90 each. Etude House is located at Ion Orchard and Plaza Singapura.

Rate: 2.5/5


  1. It's me again! I just kept clicking on the labels of your blog and want to share my experience too since you mention you'd like to see sharing. :p

    From my experience, usually if using nose pack alone without any prior regimen, it would only draw out a few blackheads.

    However, if I use clay mask before the nose pack, the nose pack will able to draw out A LOT of my blackheads.

    The downside is that, I'm doubtful about the effect of nose pack now. As the "clean-nose" effect only last for a while after removing the nose pack. Often nose became oily with some "new" blackheads, one hour after the nose pack regimen, which has just happened on me. =/

  2. Hi Li! Thanks so much for sharing! I enjoyed reading your comments and experiences.

    For me, if I use a clay mask before a nose pack, my skin would become very dry so I always follow a clay mask with a hydrating mask =)

    It's quite surprising that your blackheads are backin one hour! Do you have oily skin? Or is your skin dehydrated thats why your skin is producing so much oil?

  3. I usually apply toner mask, moisturizer and moisturizing mask after the clay mask and nose patch. Wonder if what i bought are not hydrating enough. Still finding a way to treat my blackhead problems hm...


  4. it had worked well for me tho


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