Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hydrosols review

Recently I've been into organic stuff. From Renew Rosehip oil, to Trilogy rosehip oil and related products and Henry Tianus. I recently bought some hydrosols to try just for the fun of it. I have tried rose geranium and lavender from yours essentially.

Rose geranium hydrosol, is supposed to be a cellular regenerative, which is why i bought this hydrosol to try cos it sounded like it has good properties. I like the smell, somewhat flowery sweet. I like to take a deep breath after spraying it on for some aromatherapeutic properties. And because it is a hydrosol, it does contain some essential oils so when u spray on and massage in, i feel that it does offer some moisturising properties. Wonderful as a toner!

Lavender hydrosol, on the other hand, smells like soap and not really like what I thought lavender smells like. I bought a 60ml bottle of this and find it hard to finish it as I usually have to hold my breath while spraying it on. I won't purchase this again.

I also bought rose hydrosol and lemon balm hydrosol, but I have not tried them yet. Will be back and review when I have used them.

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