Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm back!

My recent skincare lemmings:

- La Mer New Miraculous Beginning set - $690
It's part of La Mer's Christmas promotion. The nice SA from Takashimaya (singapore) La Mer called me to ask if I wanted to reserve it.. And I did, but I am still considering. It consists of both the creme de la mer and the la mer moisturising gel cream (both retail sized - i think 30ml), plus other travel sized items including the eye concentrate, lifting serum and intensifier, and cleansing lotion and the tonic (toner).

-Shu Uemura cleansing oil/DHC deep cleansing oil.
There's a shu uemura promotion for their cleansing oils that is ending 14 NOV. Buy 450ml and u get free 20ml cleansing oil and 30ml make up base mousse, which is one of their best selling products as well.
DHC was recently introduced into Singapore at a few Watson's stores, including Ngee Ann City, ION and Raffles City. The DHC deep cleansing oil is one of the most highly raved product, along with fancl mild cleansing oil (which I am currently using) and also shu uemura.
The Shu Uemura SA said that Shu was the first to invent cleansing oils, so being the pioneer their oils are better than the rest. Coupled with the promo now, it really makes me feel like getting it. I have tried a sample if Shu Uemura classic oil, the yellow one, and I find that the texture is more 'oily' than Fancl's. What I mean is the Fancl's mco is more viscous and Shu's is more like your cooking oil consistency. I read that DHC's is the most viscous, I think I might like a more viscous that oily one... But i'm still considering.

-Niu Er's Biobeauty Idebenone powerful strength line reducing concentrate.
Idebenone is considered a good and effective anti-wrinkle ingredient in the skincare industry and I really want to try this to reduce my under eye wrinkles! I will get this in my next spree..

-Clinique's 3-step toner
I have purchased SK-II facial treatment essence and I think I would like to use this when I get the toner. Reason being, the Clinique's toner is an additional cleansing step, it has mild exfoliating properties, leaving your face squeaky clean. And I want my face to be extremely clean to absorb all the benefits of SK-II FTE. I am currently using the Japanese method of skincare - i.e. using lotion (hua zhuang shui) then serum, moisturiser, as Japanese believe in double cleansing to achieve clean skin, and so skipping the toner step which caucasians prefer.

I'm finally back to post again. As I was suffering some skin woes after being overseas for half a year, I developed some acne problems around the chin area which progressively worsened. I suspect the cause of my acne was because of Henry Tianus products. My skin is close to normal after being back home and with more wise choices of skincare. I have to say that ProActiv's pimple cream really helped my pimples recover much faster! I would highly recommend ProActiv for anyone with pimple problems!

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  1. i hav tried pro-activ mask for a very long time, up to 1year but to no face still has pimple outbreaks & i guess its due to hormonal u have any suggestion to what pdt to use? thkss!


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