Sunday, December 28, 2008

Review: Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

I've been using this eye cream for almost a month now and i think i have used it sufficiently long enough to review it. The texture of this eye cream is creamy but not too difficult to spread around the eye area as I have experienced with the loreal white perfect eye cream. I really like that the ingredients are organic and natural, without the harmful parabens, SLS, mineral oil and other harmful ingredients that Trilogy claims are not in their products. Ingredients wise, the cream has rosehip oil and vitamin A which helps reduce signs of aging and helps reduce puffiness. The cream also has aloe vera gel which explains why it feels cooling when applied onto the eye area. Overall, it provides sufficient hydration that I need and the added anti-aging properties are of course a wonderful value add to the product. Lastly, I must add that the eye cream is 20ml, which is double the amount of most eye creams that I have purchased so far (Fancl resteye gel is 8ml).

Trilogy products are also now readily available at Watsons and online at but I must say that their prices are exhorbitant. The Trilogy eye contour cream is sold at S$59. Hope u guys find this review useful! If you need more info, feel free to comment in the tag box! =)

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