Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to get rid of dark eye circles

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el-cloud: Hi! One way to reduce dark eye circles will be to get an eye cream with Vitamin K in it as it helps with blood circulation. I have tried the Niu Er Biobeauty Vit K eye cream and it is not bad but does not provide much hydration (Vitamin A to get rid of wrinkles). Other eye creams I like are Fancl and Trilogy, both do have properties that help improve dark eye circles.

One more thing to note is that when applying eye creams massage very gently from inner corner of the eye outwards. Do not pull the skin around the eye as skin there is very thin and prone to wrinkles very easily. Also, massage inwards out until the eye cream is absorbed. Only applying it and leaving one layer on will not allow the product to fully absorb into ur skin so massage the product in VERY gently.

My dark eye rings have improved recently also because my sleeping regime is more standardised now. So i think getting enough sleep helps to some extent as well.

I also like to use eye masks to pamper my eye area once in a while. You can try getting those with properties which reduce dark eye rings. Hope this helps!! =)

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