Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trilogy and Renew rose hip oil

As previously mentioned, I am currently using Renew rose hip oil and the Renew Gel cleanser. After searching the net, i decided to try trilogy rose hip oil products. After trying out the tester at Raffle's City Watsons, I fell in love with it! I really like the Hydrating Mist Toner -- Rose and Lavender water, Really nice smell, and the Ultra Hydrating Cream (also used as a mask) -- Lovely smell!!! Smells heavenly, like a spa place. Feels like aromatherapy at home. =) But downside is the price, it's quite expensive compared to Renew.

So, I got my friend to order it for me (custom purchase), and luckily it is a lower price, so more savings for me! I calculated about $10 or more cheaper product. *Happy!! I bought the Trilogy Rose hip oil (essential collection, with some travel sized items), Hydrating Mist Toner, Ultra Hydrating Cream and Eye Contour Cream. Just these three for now. After i get them, i will place another order for a cleaner and moisturiser and probably another toner. Just can't decide which cleanser/moisturiser to get. Anyone with comments please let me know which is better. Thanks!!

By the way, I am currently doing the My Beauty Diary Mask, Black Pearl. It started out stinging my skin, something that didn't happen with the Bulgarian White Rose. Mask fit is good, mask material is also good. Essence is not sticky and doens't have a strong smell. Effects wise, can't tell yet but i sure hope it is goos cos I ordered another 20 pieces of this. Keeping my fingers crossed!

*Update: Effects of My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask. After removing the mask, face had a radiant pink glow! Surprising effect. =)

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