Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pearl Powder

Pearl powder has wonderful skin brightening properties and said to control oil and minimise pores also, and pearl powder is my most loved beauty DIY ingredient.

I use pearl powder plus honey (about one teaspoon each) to make a mask. Leave on for 15-20 mins and wash off. You'll see a brighter fairer and more radiant complexion, which is why i do this mask at least twice a week. I'll use my other sheet masks on days when I don't do this pearl powder mask.

Recently, I started experimenting with other wonderful ingredients like manuka honey and even almond powder. Almond powder is said to help with whitening. And it does help! Not only does it help with whitening, it makes the whole mask mixture smell nicer (that's if you like the almond smell!)

I even mix pearl powder into my lotion, the Japanese substitute for toner that is nonalcoholic and more for moisturising the skin. And it allows me to have a radiant glow everyday.

I'm now using Clinique Derma White whole range of products so I'm using pearl powder less these days. However, I'm gonna try mixing pearl powder with other products soon when I'm done with Clinique Derma White products.

Experimenting with natural ingredients with beneficial properties are fun and a good way to improve the health of your skin! =)


  1. where did u buy pearl powder?

  2. Hi,you can buy it at Chinese medical shops.

  3. hi there! would u mind posting a picture of the pearl powder that u r using? :) I just got some comes in a blue box...

  4. Hi, the brand of my pearl powder is gN pearl. I did not get it in Singapore. =)


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