Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Review: Kose Exfoliating Massage Gel

This is really my holy grail when it comes to scrubs/exfoliating products. I really love the fact that it heats up nicely, which means my pores are opened and dirt is scrubbed out and sucked out by the black nano powder (The gel colour is blackish). Not only that, the warmth provides blood circulation which improves radiance for your skin! The black colour turns to grey after a while which signals to you that enough scrubbing has been done, so it helps so you will not over-scrub your face, which is what I tend to do so that I will feel that my face will be cleaner but that harms your skin. So this is a nice touch that kose added. =)

Even though some people think that it is a gel, so it won't scrub well. That's not true at all. The gel is of a thick consistency which makes it nice to massage and there are beads in the gel which are not scratchy at all because the gel provides a "cushion" and the beads can be distinctly felt after the first rinse.

My face always feels very clean after use and I even bought a second tube before finishing my first, which just proves how much I love this product =)


  1. hihi, i'm also a Kose lover.... ya the white mask is not as good as it seen... for removing blackheads i think Skinfood nose patch is cool.. i be using it for 4 times and its still working.... love it so much...

  2. HI! Thanks for your recommendation! I will definitely try out the Skinfood nose patch when I see a skinfood shop around! =)

    Etude House also has a nose patch but it didn't work for me as well.


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