Monday, November 3, 2008

Kitoko Kalani Mask Review!

Kitoko Kalani Mask Review!

Purchased at beaute spring at $19.90 for twelve masks, can mix and match.

Essence: Slightly stickier than My beauty diary masks but still acceptable, much less sticky compared to Watson's masks. Effects are not bad, although they state the better ingredients as the first few ingredients, however, i think the ingredients list is not based on quantity. Moreover, no water in the list at all, which seems fishy. But overall, mask fit is good and essence provides basic hydration, which is good enough given the cheap price. =)

I'll probably prefer My Beauty Diary masks to this cos it seems like effects are better and even cheaper. So, after my 24 pieces of kitoko kalani masks are all used up, i don't think i will repurchase.

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