Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Skinfood Masks Review

I've been trying out a few SkinFood masks. So thought I'd do a review..

Skinfood Honey and Royal Jelly Mask Sheet

Essence: Not very sticky compared to the snow tea one i tried before.

Mask Sheet: The mask sheet quality is like the Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask sheet cloth. It adheres to the skin well and is not overly thick and stiff like the Olay white radiance mask. The essence is not as soaking wet as I would have liked it to be but still passable. But one thing that I didnt like was that the cutting of the mask sheet for the eye and mouth area is HUGE. So, there is a need for adjusting it well to fit the face nicely.

Effects: I feel that my face was somewhat hydrated. But other than that not much significant difference. I don't think i will repurchase.

Skinfood Live Powder Mask - Green Tea and Milk.

This mask comes in a paper cup that is sealed. Inside there are two packets. One is a pack of transparent essence and the other is a pack of green tea and milk powder. So what you do is you mix the two together to form a dark dirty green coloured mask of gel-like consistency.

It's quite hard to mix the powder into the essence, so I ended up with a lumpy mixture, making it difficult to spread it onto my face as a clump of powder that did not get mixed will fall off my face. The effects are so-so. Really not worth the price at all, especially since they are marketing this as some live essence product, which would make the price significantly higher. Moreover, the instructions state that we should only leave the mask on for 5 mins, which is a really short period of time. It made me feel like I wasted my money. Will not repurchase.

So far, i think the only thing worth buying at skinfood is their rice mask, which is a scrub cum washoff mask. One tub costs about $25, and can be used for quite long. It's good for the days when you only need milder scrubbing. For days when you feel you need a better scrub, the Kose Sekkisei Exfoliating Massage Gel is a better choice. It heats up as you massage your skin and turns from black to grey after a while, which indicates to you that you're done scrubbing. So you'll never over scrub your face while using this. It's my holy grail for scrubs for now!

By the way, it's cheaper to get skinfood and kose products across the causeway. So do stock up when you visit!

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