Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've been buying loads of stuff these days. Watson's must be making a lot of money from me.

I bought Cortry Masks, which is selling at $1.95 and comes with a hydrating face mask and a neck mask. So two masks for $1.95 is quite reasonable. Small review: the essence is watery and brown in colour, cos it's herbal. One cotter mentioned that it is good for blood circulation, but i think it provides good basic hydration. What I like about it is, it is watery and not sticky, which means no thickening agents but pure hydrating goodness. =) Not bad for this price. I bought about 20 pieces.

Next I also bought this Kitoko Kalani masks from Beaute Spring, comes in 6 flavours. Namely, hyaluronic acid and alpha arbutin, collagen, coenzyme q10, Astaxanthin and royal jellly, green tea and peppermint, and hexapeptide (anti-wrinkly and lifting). I bought 24 pieces, price is 12 for $19.90. Havent tried these yet, will review once i have tried all the flavours. =)

I also bought O2 skin's gel masks cos these were on sale (U.P. $25, bought at $7.90). Seemed like a good bargain so I grabbed all 3 flaours, Orange (intensive whitening), Grape (cell regenerating), and yogurt (invigorating and improve skin tone). I have only tried the orange one and i think it smells like detergent. It didnt smell that strong when i sniffed at the sample bottle. =( But overall, it is more of an economic mask which i use almost daily while i bathe. So the heat from the hot water can further aid absorption of the goodness. Not much comments about this one besides the smell, cos i didn't look closely at the effects when i used this. But no breakouts or anything, already better than watson's green tea mask.

Also, sato hakubi pills are not back to the previous offer price of $29.95, so basically during the 5 day watsons promo at $29.00, only saved 95cents, but got a free container to store the pills so i can bring it out with me (which I don't, too troublesome).

Lastly, I bought the Renew Rose Hip Oil to try out. Got it from watsons (again!) at $32.90 for one rose hip oil and a gel cleanser. Nowadays my skin is getting dryer, maybe cos time of the month coming, but i can feel the dryness quite distinctly. So, I'm hoping this will help! =)

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