Thursday, August 28, 2008

Recently, I have been into Barley. The Chinese Pearl Barley (yi4 ren2). I read that drinking chinese barley water will help to flush out the water bloatedness cos it makes you urine and by doing so flushes out the toxins. =) But more importantly, it is good for whitening and tightening of pores.

I've been boiling barley with melon strips (to make it sweet) and drinking it for a few days. All ingredients can be purchased at the Chinese medicine hall. I take out some of the barley water after boiling it for a while (without adding the melon strips yet) and after it has cooled, mix with some honey and soak a pill mask in this mixture. The mask will absorb all the essence and leave mask on for 15 mins. Results: Smaller pores and brighter complexion!

I also save the barley after all the boiling and smashed it into a paste, added honey and used it as a leave on mask for 15 mins. Results are also brighter complexion and smaller pores!

Barley is a good and healthy product to consume and eating it can even help with weight loss! Many uses for barley and very beneficial to the skin and body. Learnt a lot from reading about barley and I'm off to make my mask! =)

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