Tuesday, August 26, 2008

chacott and hakubi pills

Recently, I mixed my chacott 754 together with my sana meikohan loose powder and I think the result is not bad! Because when I first bought my meikohan, it only can in the sakura (pink based) colour (Sasa now sells them in a yellow base beige colour). So i scooped some of my chacott into the meikohan container and tried it. Seems like it made the meikohan less fair and made it a more natural colour and look for me =)

I have finished my first bottle of hakubi pills, the pink bottled one. And i feel that it didnt help in whitening of my pimple scars, but it did make me a little fairer (I'm already fair to begin with). My arms seem fairer than before. But it might be because I'm more into sunscreen and I'm trying my best to not walk out of the house without any sunblock on my face and if I've got time, my arms. So, overall i did get a little fairer. =)

By the way, the Avene Very High Protection SPF50+ Emulsion is great. Not as oily as many other sunblocks and does the job well. But one caveat, the Avene promoter aunties can be very very rude and naggy, frowny, fierce and PUSHY. So, best to quickly look when they're not there and then grab and go!

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