Saturday, October 4, 2008

Haven't been updating lately..

Today, I bought a box of Sato Hakubi White C pills. It's on offer at $29.00 from now to 5 October. Although this blue box requires taking it 2 pills 3 times a day, I usually only take 3 pills at one go once a day, so I take only 3 pills instead of 6. However, despite doing this, I still find that the blue one works better than the pink bottle. Moreover, the brochure available at Watson's said that the blue bottle works 1.6 times faster/better than the pink. And it said it promotes FLAWLESS skin. That's a big draw! This is just my preference.

I again bought 2 bottles of Pokka Collagen Drink. Although I really cannot tell if there is any effects on my skin, but i just want to drink it to make me feel better about my recent 'burning midnight oils' and high caffeine intake to stay awake. I'm stressed!

Plus after finding out that the goverment put some money into my account, I walked into Fancl and bought one box of Tenseup EX. I really am not sure if there will be any interactions with the Sato Hakubi pills, but i think i will try to take the pills and the collagen apart and try to minimise any risk of interaction. The really generous SA gave me samples of Sunguard 3o, whitening serum and rest eye gel. I'm gonna try them out soon!

One more last thing. There's gonna be a promotion for Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil from 24 October! Buy 120ml bottle and get 20ml free. Time to stock up a year's worth. Haha!

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