Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: L'oreal UV Perfect SPF50/PA+++

The L'oreal UV Perfect SPF50/PA+++ I am reviewing is the transparent skin (white) one. There are two other versions to even out skin tone (beige) and an anti-dullness (purple) one. I bought this as part of the l'oreal deals that heal charity deal. I think the original price is $21.90.

I heard raves of this sunscreen from a friend who only uses this sunscreen so I thought it was a good time to buy and try it out. One bottle, 30ml, lasted me about a month.

What I like about L'oreal UV Perfect SPF50/PA+++ is it contains l'oreal's patented Mexoryl™ SX + XL filters and Activa-Cell™, which are supposed to provide broad spectrum sun protection. 

There is no white cast and I am able to apply the required 1.25ml of sunscreen for proper protection - some sunscreens are too thick or oily or are too white to apply this amount. The sunscreen is in the form of a lotion-cream. Thicker than a lotion but not oily and rich like a cream. It absorbs fast and doesn't take much time applying and waiting for it to settle into the skin. I didn't experience any sensitivity with this sunscreen. 

What I don't like is L'oreal UV Perfect SPF50/PA+++ leaves an oily finish when I use the required amount. When I use lesser, I do see the dewy finish people rave about but that is just not sufficient protection. Especially since the weather is so crazily hot these days, unless I use some loose powder, I come home with a shiny face, which I dislike. 

I think L'oreal UV Perfect SPF50/PA+++ is a good sunscreen if you stay indoors most of the time and want sufficient sun protection. Since UV rays can pass through windows, it is best to slap on sunscreen even at work. I probably won't use this if I am staying outdoors as it makes me oil up. I used this on a trip to KL and didn't like the oiliness. 

All in all, average sunscreen for a cheap price especially when there is a sale. I am neutral about this product, meaning I don't mind re-purchasing if I have to other options of sunscreen to try out. But then again, the  market is full of sunscreen brands so I probably won't buy this again any time soon. Off to try Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula PA+++ UVA/UVB SPF50+ Sunscreen from their Age Defense System next, plus RoC Soleil Protexion SPF50 sunscreen in the waiting after that.


  1. Oops sorry, i meant what's the amount required for the other parts of the body? Do you use another sunscreen ?

  2. Hi Mike,

    Body requirement is usually 30ml for all exposed areas.

    But I only use sunscreen on my arms. I don't measure, I just apply liberally.


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