Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review: Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion - Moist

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Fill Skin With Deep Whitening Moisture Visible Transparency Perceived in Just 3 Days. This fresh, velvety and hydrating emulsion improves skin transparency and luminosity as it optimizes moisturization. Skin looks matified with a soft and smooth feeling, it recovers fairness and luminosity, leaving no unattractive shine. Brown spots appear diminished.
I got this in KL and tried it out. I have this in Moist, there is another version called Very Moist for dry skin. Moist suits all skin types. The prices in KL are about $10 cheaper than in Singapore.

In my opinion, to achieve good whitening results, you should use a good high concentration serum. And with moisturisers, one that hydrates well. So I usually don't buy skincare products in an entire range - from cleansers to serum to moisturiser and mask. I like to buy products that are specific to my concern, i.e. cleanser to clean well and not so much to clean and whiten since this just serves to increase the price.

Anyway, since it was cheaper and KL had this shopping vibe which put me in a spending mood. I like that it has a runny/watery consistency and yet moisturising enough. It doesn't absorb fast and leaves a bit of a sticky feel. It takes a while before the stickiness disappears.

I noticed brighter skin tone but in 2 weeks, no lightening of brown/dark red pimple scars. For 2 weeks of use, I definitely wasn't expecting any changes to my skin but good that my skin was brighter.

For the price, I wasn't impressed. I think it cost around S$100. I didn't like that I smelled alcohol in this. And the fact that alcohol is the third ingredient. I don't fancy having alcohol as long as it is among the first 5 ingredients in my moisturisers (and eye creams and sunscreen. Alcohol in toner is fine for me though since it is in contact with my skin for less than 5 sec), which tells me there is a lot of it and increases the chances of alcohol dehydrating my skin in the long run. For the price I am paying, I rather have better ingredients. Granted, the purpose of alcohol might be to create a more runny consistency to make an emulsion and to help the skin absorb the lotion, but I prefer not to have so much of it.

All in all, expensive moisturiser with good brightening properties. It would have been better if it didn't contain so much alcohol.

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