Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Product: Kose Infinity Realizing White XX Serum

Remember this?

I am going for the 20th Feb talk show (Many thanks to Sophia!!) and I am quite excited!

I planned to purchase the new Kose Infinity Realizing White XX Serum, so I dropped by the nearest Kose counter on my way home.

This is not a review, just some initial thoughts about this new product:
- The Kose Infinity Realizing White XX Serum is quite unlike other serums because when I first pumped it out, the serum looked more like a lotion/emulsion.
- Absorbs quite fast and was surprisingly lighter than I thought it would be due to the lotion-like base. The serum left my skin slightly sticky, but was acceptable as the stickiness/oiliness was gone after moisturiser.
- Uses Kojic acid, which is a whitening agent. I have yet to see whitening effects yet as I just started using this. I will review this Kose Infinity Realizing White XX Serum again soon.

The counter I went to has run out of the debut price of $128 for the Kose Infinity Realizing White XX Serum, so they are selling it at the normal price of $148.

There are other Infinity sets available and I am thinking of purchasing the Kose Infinity Cream Excellent set, which is a night cream that contains Hyaluronic Acid (sounds good!!). The set comes with the Cream Excellent, normal sized ($306) and free Infinity Vital Comfort Masks, Infinity Eye Cream 10g (half the normal size) and if I didnt remember wrongly, the Lotion Concentrate and Serum Completion.
I am, however, worried that this might be a bit rich for my combination skin, especially I use all this products in this range. I'm planning to go for Niu Er's Beauty Talkshow then decide whether I want to buy products from this range, so I can use up the $20 voucher that comes with the ticket.

Product Information from (Kose Infinity Realizing White XX Serum):

Product highlights
• Contains Kojic acid, the active whitening ingredient. Reaches the deep, persistent causes of dark spots to make translucent skin. Suppresses melaninproduction, and prevents dark spots and freckles caused by the sun. 
•  The base and texture has a remarkable affinity for human skin, relaxing the skin to let the active ingredients penetrate and absorb deeply.
•  Provides moisture and resilience to smooth out skin texture, leading to firm, glowy skin without unevenness or dullness caused by dryness.
• Fresh and velvety texture spreads easily over skin, giving a soft firmness to skin after its application.
Credit: Kose Singapore website (

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  1. Hi! Hw's the serum? Is it effective in fading the dark spots? Worth buying?:-)


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